About Us
We provide cost-effective and convenient products to consumers to reduce energy consumption and to generate electricity. We're a green energy company focused on solving issues at the personal level where it matters most.

About Concept Green

Company History

Concept Green was established for energy-savings and energy generating products. Our parent company
is one of the largest manufacturers of design and accent furniture. We own five factories in China with
more than 4,000 factory employees. Owning our factories is a major advantage in bringing the latest
technology at very aggressive price points.  Our product planning & development, sales, marketing,
customer service, technical support, shipping, etc. are based in our corporate headquarters in southern

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We are a proud member of the Consumer Electronics Association.


Product Strategy

Aggressive key retail pricing with state of the art technology coupled with the highest quality and
reliability in the industry helps us lead the pack.

Our product formula is simple-” High quality plus reliability leads to long product life which
equals low cost of ownership”.